The Namesake of the Farm: Indian Rock

About Indian Rock Farm

Our farm's namesake arrived in Foxborough about 10,000 years ago when the last glacier passed through New England and left a huge boulder behind. This boulder eventually became known as Indian Rock. Undoubtedly the Native Americans who first discovered this rock were as impressed by its size as we are! It is believed that it was used as a gathering place. When we bought the land, the name Indian Rock was perfect for our Christmas tree farm.


Indian Rock Farm is home to a large variety of wildlife. Foxes, turkeys, and deer are just some of the animals that frequent our field!

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Working hard at the farm!

Benefits of Buying Local

  • Locally grown products are fresher, giving customers the very best value for their purchase.
  • Buying local products conserves energy for the buyer and the farmer.
  • You support local farmers and their families.
  • You are being proactive in preserving the open space local farms provide.
  • You are supporting a key element of our community, preserving the dwindling, small number of local farmers.
  • You are preserving a nice place for you and your family to visit during the holidays.
  • Our tree farm has a positive impact on the environment and wildlife. Birds, such as bluebirds and towhees, perpetually nest along the borders between the open field and the woodlands. A significant number of birds make their nests and raise their young in our Christmas trees each year. Hawks and other birds of prey frequent the open space in search of food. We have sighted pileated woodpeckers on our land and have seen scarlet tanagers visiting the Christmas tree field.
  • You are keeping the economic impact and benefit within the community and state.