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Decorated Wreath
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Undecorated Wreath
Decorated Wreath
Decorated Wreath
Decorated Wreath
Undecorated Wreath

All of our award winning wreaths and swags are hand made at our farm with our own fresh, mixed greens and holly. Our bows are hand-crafted with most made with two color ribbons.

*All prices include sales tax.








Our most popular wreath is our hand-made, 24 inch wreath, pictured below. This wreath is made with mixed greens and real holly or boxwood, decorated with red berries, 3 sets of cones and a hand-made 2-color bow.

Pricing: $37* to $45* depending on additional decorations, materials, and arrangements.

    24" with mixed greens, hand made bow, cones, berries, and fresh holly.

    Close up of 24" with mixed greens, hand made bow, cones, berries, and fresh holly.

  • We also offer 28", 30" and 36" wreaths.  These sizes are made to order.



Swags can be used for a variety of decorations; doors, door sides (under lights), and windows. A nice combination is a door wreath on the front door and a swag on the side door both with matching bows. Our large swags are made with mixed greens, a piece of holly, a two-color bow, cones, and red berries. Small swags are made with mixed greens, a smaller, one-color bow, and red berries.

Pricing: $12* to $25* depending on size, decorations, materials, and arrangements.

Large Swag.

Large Swag Close Up.

Small Swag.

Small Swag Close Up.



Sprays are horizontal pieces that are typically mounted above a door or window. We offer Door Sprays that measure approximately 50 to 54 inches across for are made to order for $39*, and Window Sprays that measure approximately 33 to 35 inches across for $27*. Both sprays are made with a two-color ribbon, and decorated with cones and red berries.

Door Spray.

Window Spray.


Table Decorations

A variety of table decorations are available. Each is different with greens and decorations mounted in oasis to keep the greens as fresh as possible indoors. Prices range from $17* to $25*.  Shown below is an example of a table decoration.

Table Decoration.



The following is a sampling of some of the bows that we make. These bows incorporate two different ribbons, resulting in a very unique bow. Bows can also be purchased individually. We have some pre-made bows at the farm, but if you want something specific, call ahead and reserve your bow!

Bow 1, Red With Red Plaid

Bow 2, Red With Gucchi Stripe

Bow 3, Red With Red and Gold Edge

Bow 4, Gold Mesh w/ Red and Gold Diamond

Bow 5, Red With Red and Gold Sheer Plaid

Bow 6, Gold Mesh With Solid Gold

Bow 7, Burgundy With Burgundy Plaid

Bow 8, Burgundy With Burgundy Diamond

Bow 9, Burgundy With Gucchi Stripe

Small Swag Bows


Cones, Holly, Fraser Fir Tips

Want to make you own Christmas arrangements?  We offer the following:

- Painted cones mounted on picks.

- Premium fraser fir tips

- Holly branches


- Over the door wreath hangers $2* each.

- Seasoned firewood 10 pieces for $5*.

- Tree stands